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What Happens When A Hot Girl Comes Into The Store

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The guys' brains have stopped working.

What It’s Like To Be Turned Into A 3D-Printed Figures

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Have you ever wanted to be an action figure?

This Robot Does What Its Pilot Does

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This Avatar-inspired robot walks by mimicking its human pilot.

What Would You Buy With $100?

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Here's how 8 households spend $100 visualized in a nifty way.

What Facebook is Like for Women

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When women get on Facebook they have to deal with a lot.

What Sex with Peter Jackson Must Be Like

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I hope he doesn't prequel.

What Is BDSM?

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Is BDSM all about whips and chains? Find out what 50 shades is like for real!

What Couples Say Vs. What They Mean During The Holidays

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Girlfriend Says: "I want my gift to be a surprise!" Girlfriend Means: "ASK MY FRIENDS!"

What Your Girlfriend Says Vs. What She Means

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"Oh, I wasn't expecting you!" actually means..

Here’s What It’s Like To Ride In A Vintage NYC Subway Train

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On Monday, New York City’s subway system turned 110 years old and celebrated by releasing two vintage Low-Voltage subway trains that were in service until the late 1960s. The cars feature rattan seats, ceiling fans an...

What Its Like To Walk In NYC As A Woman

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Hidden GoPro camera reveals what it's like to walk through NYC as a woman.

What It’s Like To Be A New Couple At A Party

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"I like him! He's way funnier than your last one!"