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How To Charge Phone From Railtracks

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Or you could walk into a starbucks and plug in.

I Want My Phone Back: The Scariest Game Show Ever

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What’s more terrifying than NOT being on your phone?

The One Way To Get A Phone Number

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Just go for it!

People Try Living Without A Phone

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“It’s only day two, and this is getting impossible.”

Cheating BF Prank Gone Wrong!

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Prank gone a little bit wrong ... but have you ever snooped on your partner's phone?

Phone Tips For The Modern Age

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Some trivial, yet crucial, information about how you use your phone.


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I freaked people out by using THEIR OWN cell phone to communicate with ghosts.

How To Charge Your Phone With 9v Battery!

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Note. this will in fact work as you can see. but when you think emergency think REALLY REALLY SHORT emergency. maybe as little as a few minutes of charge. a typical alkaline 9v battery is around 500mah (optimist...

Black Market Takes Over The iPhone 6 Lines

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Sleeping on the street, enduring abuse from police and angry Apple fanatics, humoring faux-enthusiasm from Apple store employees, and ending with back-alley hand-offs with suspicious characters turns out waiting in li...

Hot Girl Emergency Call Prank

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Please someone help! This beautiful woman just locked her keys in her car with her cell phone and dog still inside. Can she please borrow a phone?

Revolutionary Coffee Cup Powered By Hot Coffee

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Paulig Muki is a revolutionary coffee cup that uses the heat from coffee to produce a picture on the side of the cup. You'll find a new, surprising or moving picture on the cup's screen every single time you fill it. ...

Picking Up Girls Speaking French

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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? They say that French is the language of love. Well, Marc (a fluent french speaker) put that to the test. Watch Marc score phone numbers and dates, all the while confusing the heck...

I Forgot My Phone (Short Film)

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Do We Use Our Smartphones Too Much?

Pedal Power Phone Charger

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Convert AC electricity from an alternator into a steady stream of 5VDC to charge your phone or power other mobile devices while bicycling. Attach a bicycle generator to your bike frame so that as you pedal you produce...

Honest Caller ID

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What if people saw the nicknames you had for them on your phone?