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Why People Have Affairs

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A lot of the reason why people have affairs isn’t to do with random excess horniness. It’s do to with issues of closeness and distance.

7 Everyday Struggles Of People With ADHD

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Try to focus, try to focus…

100 Years of Halloween Costumes in 3 Minutes

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Carving pumpkins, sipping cider, and trick-or-treating may all be indicative of Halloween, but nothing gets us into the spirit more than dressing up. For centuries, people have celebrated Halloween with costumes that ...

Guy Pretends He Got Drafted In The NBA Draft

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Every year, millions of people tune into the NBA Draft to see which highly-touted players the league's most pathetic teams will recruit in the hopes of turning their franchises around, and it's inevitable everyone wil...

Rémi Gaillard Dog Prank

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Remi Gaillard makes fun of people dressed as a huge dog.

People Try Living Without A Phone

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“It’s only day two, and this is getting impossible.”

Corruption is Legal in America

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Does the government represent the people?

Awkwardly Close Talking To People

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Awkwardly close talking to people.

Barack Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

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From time to time, we give celebrities a chance to read some of the mean things people tweet about them. We extended that same offer to our Commander in Chief, who happily agreed. This is an all President Obama editio...

NYC Captured Through Stop Motion Photography

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This year I visited New York for the first time. Throughout my time there I was walking all around the city with my camera. I was looking for a way to portray all the different types of scenery and people that I saw...

How To Talk To Annoying People!

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Steve Greene asks people to sign a petition to stop whatever annoying thing they're doing at the moment.

TransAsia Plane Crashes In Taipei River

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Dash cam video captured the twin-engine turboprop plane careening over an elevated bridge before crashing into a river, killing several people.

Virtual Reality Porn Reactions

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You might've heard of the Oculus Rift technology, but you've never seen people use it to watch XXX POV scenes. Until now.

People Try Living In A Tiny House

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“What would be a good password to get in here? Owl Magic!”

You’re Not A Gamer!

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Don't ya love it when people say this? :p

Skeleton Prank (Amazing Slow-Mo Reactions!)

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We invited a bunch of people over, scared them silly and filmed it in super slow motion.