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A Brief History Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict

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The first misconception to get out of the way: it hasn't been happening forever, but it has been going on for about 100 years.

Men’s Underwear Through History As Worn By A Woman

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From long-johns to designer briefs, one lovely model takes us through the history of men's Western undergarments.

Retired Marine Corps Pilot Buys Own Sea Harrier Fleet

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Art Nalls has had a life long dedication to flying. His addiction to the sky has lead him to an honorable military career and an even more adventurous retirement. Nalls has had the unique opportunity to purchase his o...

The McLaren P1 GTR VS F1 GTR

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Two decades after the McLaren F1 GTR swept the board at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the McLaren P1™ GTR will debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in production form. The striking track-only model is finished in a livery i...

Why War is Killing Less of Us Than Ever

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We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait, what? Seriously? That can't be right, there are more wars than ever! Well, no and they're killing fewer and fewer people, even though the world population is a...

This Land Is Mine

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A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant. Who's-killing-who viewer's guide: here

Game of Thrones: Long Story Short

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A brief and entertaining history of how the HBO series came to be. Executive Producers and Writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss tell the entertaining and sometimes hard to believe journey of how the hugely popular book...

World War 1 in 6 Minutes

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A quick and easy way to get up to speed on what the First World War was about, especially with the centenary going from 2014 to 2018.

The History of Typography

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http://youtu.be/wOgIkxAfJsk Very nice animation flick by Ben Barrett-Forrest, who explained the history of typography in just 5 minutes.