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TransAsia Plane Crashes In Taipei River

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Dash cam video captured the twin-engine turboprop plane careening over an elevated bridge before crashing into a river, killing several people.

Toronto Skyline Porn

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Toronto Skyline Porn is what its title implies -- a full frontal visual journey through Toronto's growing skyline. The scenes were shot over the past few years from different heights and in different seasons. Ive enj...

Volcano Eruption In Papua New Guinea

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The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano on August 29th, 2014. Captured by Phil McNamara.

TOW Missile VS Tank In Slow Motion

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Incredible footage captured with high speed cameras showing what a TOW missile can do to a fully loaded T-72. In slow motion you can see exactly when the blast reaches the fuel and munitions on board. This particular ...

Last Second Rescue From Houston Fire

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A woman watching from a nearby building captured footage of the two desperate minutes a construction worker spent waiting on an unfinished balcony before the Houston Fire Department could rescue him from a five-alarm ...

Parkour POV

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Take a view from the rooftops in our POV Parkour video of Cambridge, UK. Captured by Ampisound team member, James Kingston, we wanted to produce a video that showed some clean movement at a few of the choice spots in ...


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“Monolation” is a short video captured by the photography director and time lapse expert Jess Dunlap with gorgeous scenes and delicate smooth movements emerged in lovely landscape sets with The Haunted Ocean by Max Ri...