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Building the Steam Controller

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Watch machines meticulously build the steam controller.

The World’s Largest Indoor Waterpark

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The biggest uninterrupted indoor space on the planet, Tropical Islands Resort ( https://www.tropical-islands.de/ ), sits on an old airfield in Germany. How on earth could anyone afford to build something that big... a...

Build The Best $750 Gaming PC

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Build the Best $750 Gaming PC - Dec 2014

10 Minutes Of Harassment As A Giant Titan Robot

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We've all seen the viral videos of people walking down the street and being harassed. Extreme Costumes took out their giant Titan Robot to see what kind of obscenities he would receive. The results may tickle your fun...

Couples Race To Build IKEA Furniture

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Whether you're in a relationship or not, you've probably experienced the anger and frustration of assembling IKEA furniture. We took two couples - one whose been together for 10 years - and one who just met - and chal...

Lego Simpsons House Build

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This is a build review of Lego Simpsons House 71006 set. The set includes 2523 pieces and retails for $199.99. This is an unusual set in that it doesn't fit in line with the other sets by Lego. It is a licensed stand-...

Airlander, The World’s Largest Aircraft

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What do you get when you combine an air balloon, airplane, helicopter, and even a hovercraft? This is Airlander, the hybrid airship that's being build in Britain's historical Royal Air Force Cardington hangars, where ...

How to Build the ULTIMATE 4K Gaming PC Build Guide

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Welcome to our 4K gaming build guide. You want all dem pixels? Well you're gonna need to drive all dem pixels. Prepare your bodies and prepare your minds!

Project Ara: Building The Modular Smartphone

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Project Ara, a smartphone you can customize, may seem like a crazy idea, but it's not half as crazy as what it takes to build it. Google's ATAP group, led by Paul Eremenko, takes the DARPA philosophy and applies it to...

Gamer Girl Builds Herself A New PC

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Finally got some time to do this video! SO STOKED!! I've been dying to upgrade my PC for a while, and in a sense I feel like I had to build my PC all over again (dem case swaps, tho), which was definitely tons of fun!...

Build an Editing/Gaming/Capture PC: Meet The Ocelot

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This rig is epic and somewhat impractical. We are using some OC gear with a CPU that doesn't really OC. However, I'd build the same damn thing a second time.

“Welcome To Yesterday” Trailer (2014)

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A group of teens embark on an adventure when they discover secret plans to build a time machine.

Building The World’s Largest Ship In 76 seconds

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A timelapse of the construction of Maersk Line's very first Triple-E vessel at the DSME shipyard in Okpo, Korea. The timelapse was produced by Discovery Channel and Maersk, and it consists of 50,000 photos taken over ...

All About Cardboard

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Niklas Roy tought the electronic media class at the School of Art and Design Offenbach. He proposed the students to build computers out of cardboard, not knowing at all where this will lead to. Results included an...