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How Much Do They Profit From That?

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Making billions, 6 cents at a time.

Do I Look Like A Slut?

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No-one wants to look like a slut. But what does a slut look like? What is a slut?

Halal And The Flavors Of Islam With Dawn O’Porter

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Dawn O’Porter is back for another episode of Soul Food, and this time she is out to uncover what’s so hot about Halal. She finds delectable delicacies at The Halal Guys food cart and an intimate family dinner, and lea...

Why Brits And Americans Spell Differently

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Why did Americans drop the "u" from British words like "humour" and "behaviour"? What about "theater" vs. "theatre?" Siobhan Thompson explains the spelling divide between our nations.

School Lunches Around The World

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These lunches are cool enough for school.

Why Do We Have More Boys Than Girls?

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Created by Henry Reich

Keep An Eye On Battery Life

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This was my second flight with the DJI Phantom 2. I wasn't paying attention to the battery life and almost gave it a nice bath in the lake. This was at the tail end of a 17+ minute flight and I wasn't paying attent...

What Is a Sandwich?

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We have a basic idea of what a sandwich is: two slices of bread with some tasty stuff in between them, just as the Earl of Sandwich so ingeniously envisioned back in the 18th century. But get past those basics for for...

What Does The ISIS Flag Mean? Black Flags Of Jihad Explained

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ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Jihadist groups all seem to have the same variations of the same flag. What do these Black Flags of Jihad mean? Are they as violent as we think, or do they represent something more benign? ...

Spider-Woman’s Big Ass Is A Big Deal!

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We're Loathe To Admit It, But Maddox Makes Some Salient Points On The Whole Spider-Woman Scandal.

Inside The Middle East Comic Con In Dubai

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It’s no secret that the world of comic books is a total sausagefest—especially at the Comic Con gatherings around the world. It’s all guys. And a big group of guys who like comic books is hardly a honey trap for the...

Holy Grail Of Cocktails

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After numerous blackouts and endless hangovers, we've discovered the Holy Grail of Cocktails. These drinks are so good, Mormons will renounce their faith.

Day In The Life: A Man vs A Woman

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It’s not easy being a girl… or a guy, for that matter.

Poker Player’s Interesting Reaction After Winning $15M

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Daniel Colman reacts to winning $15M after defeating Daniel Negreanu in the 2014 Big One for One Drop event at the World Series of Poker.

Couples Race To Build IKEA Furniture

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Whether you're in a relationship or not, you've probably experienced the anger and frustration of assembling IKEA furniture. We took two couples - one whose been together for 10 years - and one who just met - and chal...

What You Look Like In Ultraviolet

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We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.