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Know Your Weed

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What you need to know about weed.

100 Years of Halloween Costumes in 3 Minutes

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Carving pumpkins, sipping cider, and trick-or-treating may all be indicative of Halloween, but nothing gets us into the spirit more than dressing up. For centuries, people have celebrated Halloween with costumes that ...

Hiring? Personality Trumps Skills

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A new survey finds that when it comes to hiring knowledgeable workers, personality beats technical wizardry any day. When you’re hiring a sales associate or a customer service rep, sure, you want to focus on candid...

100 Years Of Beauty In One Minute

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From flappers to iPhone tappers, here's a century's worth of hair and makeup.

Day In The Life: A Man vs A Woman

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It’s not easy being a girl… or a guy, for that matter.

7 Awkward Moments Saved by A Good Relationship

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Moments when you know your relationship can stand the test of time.

This is Your Body on Weed

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how marijuana affects the brain and how pot can be used to treat certain conditions.

Anti-Rape Wear

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AR Wear - A clothing line offering wearable protection for when things go wrong. To our Indiegogo campaign page:

Spider-Woman’s Big Ass Is A Big Deal!

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We're Loathe To Admit It, But Maddox Makes Some Salient Points On The Whole Spider-Woman Scandal.

Woman Meets Her Doppelgänger

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After only two weeks into the competition I went to meet my first Twin Stranger who I found through the power of social media.

The Psychology of Music

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There’s more to why we like music than just a catchy beat or an easy karaoke tune. source:

The Reality Of Making Friends As An Adult

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Why Is This So Difficult??

Why Brits And Americans Spell Differently

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Why did Americans drop the "u" from British words like "humour" and "behaviour"? What about "theater" vs. "theatre?" Siobhan Thompson explains the spelling divide between our nations.

Why I Dance

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Why I Dance is a pole dance film about women who come together to reclaim their bodies and themselves. In celebration of all women everywhere. The proceeds of our original track will benefit the California Women's Law...

People Disguised As Homeless Ignored By Loved Ones On Street

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If your mother were homeless, would you recognize her on the street? This eye-opening experiment from New York Rescue Mission may make you cry.

How Guys Feel On A Double Date

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Try and remember his name.