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Why Do We Play Games?

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Danny explores the times we play games to escape our work and life stress, and wonders how often do we do it? Also he shaves himself.

Gamer Girl Builds Herself A New PC

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Finally got some time to do this video! SO STOKED!! I've been dying to upgrade my PC for a while, and in a sense I feel like I had to build my PC all over again (dem case swaps, tho), which was definitely tons of fun!...

Conan Plays PS4 On AT&T Stadium’s Screen

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Conan takes over Dallas' AT&T Stadium's DiamondVision screen to play such classics as Madden NFL, Need for Speed, Street Fighter, & more.

Oculus Facebook Rift Game Would Look Like

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The gaming and tech community was shocked when Facebook announced they purchases virtual reality company Oculus Rift.

Build an Editing/Gaming/Capture PC: Meet The Ocelot

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This rig is epic and somewhat impractical. We are using some OC gear with a CPU that doesn't really OC. However, I'd build the same damn thing a second time.

Free to Play: The Movie

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This million dollar tournament changed the landscape of the gaming world. Produced by Valve, the film documents the challenges and sacrifices required of players to compete at the highest level.

Unity 5 Feature Preview

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Unity Technologies presents a sneak peek at the forthcoming features in Unity 5.

A Very Impressive Coordinated GTA Stunt

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Here's one of the better planned GTA stunts.

Man Makes Video Game To Propose

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After dating for two and a half years one love-struck gaming artist set off on a secret quest to craft a video game to propose to his girlfriend. The romantic proposal caught on video shows just how the knight won the...

Conan Plays PC Horror Games

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In honor of Halloween, Conan cuts the lights and takes on the scariest horror games PCs have to offer.

Grand Theft Auto V Time-Lapse

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11 Drunk Guys Play OUTLAST and Poop Their Pants

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Episode 2:

Conan Reviews Grand Theft Auto V

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Missile-firing choppers, toothless meth tweekers, and cross-eyed strippers. Conan reviews the latest gaming obsession Grand Theft Auto V.

Reality Check – Free to Play, Pay to Win?

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Cam explores the psychology of free-to-play and how our brains can be exploited.

Conan Visits E3

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Conan weighs in on the great video game console debate of 2013. Just be aware, he is VERY wishy-washy.

Alien Rage – Cinematic Trailer

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Check out this cinematic trailer for the sci-fi first person shooter, Alien Rage.