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Los Santos By Night

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Explore the city of Los Santos at night in this little short of mine. I really hope the PC version will have brand new filming features in its video editor. Cause here it really was all about loading a save, going ...

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series

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ake a look at the launch trailer for Episode One: Iron From Ice of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series.

Elders React To CALL OF DUTY: Advanced Warfare

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The Elders play the first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!

Grand Theft Auto 5 In First-Person POV

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Exclusive to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V, this new mode gives players the chance to explore the world of Los Santos and Blaine County directly through the eyes of their character,...

Conan Reviews “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare”

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Conan plays the latest "Call of Duty" and encounters his deadliest foe yet: a very busy public street.

3 Ways Games Are Good For You!

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Cam scours the latest scientific research for positive news stories about playing video games, and comes back with three fascinating results for us.

#GamerGate Explained In 60 Seconds

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#GamerGate is a consumer boycott and a call for ethics reform in game industry media. Evidence comes up that a writer at Kotaku gave a game favorable coverage because of a relationship he had. Kotaku says that this is...

3 Strong Women Of #GamerGate Fight Back!

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GamerGate refers to the online backlash against perceived breaches of journalistic integrity on video game news sites that occurred as a result of the Quinnspiracy, an online controversy surrounding indie game develop...

31 Amazing Feelings In Board Games

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“Spelling a dirty word in Scrabble.”

Boys React To Girls Playing Dungeons And Dragons (DnDnG)

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A short documentary that explores what happens when girls join a group of boys' weekly DnD game.

A Troll Calls A SWAT Team On A Game Streamer

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So some troll called in a fake threat and this caused the SWAT to raid the Creature Office while Kootra was streaming. This happens from time to time to streamers, and its called Swatting.

P.T (Silent Hills) Full Playthrough By PewDiePie

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Japanese Girls React To Silent Hills

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Take a look at this gameplay trailer which shows some Japanese Girls playing the P.T./Silent Hills demo in a dark room.

PC Graphics Explained! Part 3

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Yet More PC GFX Explained! Motion Blur, HDR, PhysX, and More Cam takes on the final chapter of his quest to solve the mysteries of PC graphics terms. Find out about Post Processing, Motion Blur, HDR and Physx on th...

Recruits Gameplay and Look-See!

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Kirioth takes a little Look-See at the Recruits Alpha and gives some first impressions! Will the Recruits gameplay hold up? Watch to find out!

PC Graphics Explained! Part 2

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Cam continues his quest to learn and understand ALL of the PC graphics terms. On the menu this week, ambient occlusion, anisotropic filtering, field of view, and depth of field.