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Essentiel FW14 by Bob Jeusette

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This is "Essentiel FW14" by Bob Jeusette on Vimeo for Essentiel Antwerp, a Belgium based clothing and accessory label.

Facebook Life vs Reality

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Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?

Epilogue (Short Film)

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At the end of his greatest adventure, Skillman has vanquished his nemesis, recovered the priceless artifact, and saved his latest lover from certain doom. But as he struggles to figure out what comes next, his lady be...

6 Minute Mom (Short Film)

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When the person supposed to be closest to you is nothing more than a stranger.

Look Up (Film For An Online Generation)

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'Look Up' is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

Where We Are (Short Film)

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Director: David Cho Cast: Sam Littlefield, Megan Easton

Live Fully Now – Alan Watts

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An inspirational and profound speech from the late philosopher Alan Watts. Maybe is time to travel and see the world..

Cockatoo (Short Film)

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A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young girl to play his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right.

It Doesn’t Get Better

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For most kids in high school, the future promises better days. But for a certain group, there’s no time like the past.

You – A Declaration of Love

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A declaration of love from Schwarzkopf Nectra Color, dedictated to all women in the world.


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Two young people are in bed, and they’re about to have sex, but they’re never actually done it. Starring Alexandra Stebbins and Efraim Acevedo Klein Written/Directed by Efraim Acevedo Klein Cinematography by Je...

Flash (Short Film)

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Dave is always coming over, and it's starting to annoy Emma. But today is different. Today, Dave has a proposition for her.

Let This Video Inspire Your Creativity

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Daniel Sax lovingly shoots Ira Glass's now-famous quote about creative types, and the frustrating gap between one's taste and one's ability.

I Had a Movie Date (Short Film)

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Tommy has a movie date.

Girls Who Read

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"Girls Who Read" was filmed in London and Southend, Essex, UK. The characters in this film are fictitious, any likeness to real people and events is purely coincidental. Written and performed by Mark Grist http://...

A Relationship In 5 Minutes

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Everyone loves the beginning of a relationship. You know, that honeymoon period filled with rainbows and stars, hearts and bliss? Unfortunately, sometimes those easy, happy moments can be short-lived, and things be...