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SUNDAYS (Short film)

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Mischa Rozema and PostPanic Pictures' debut film project SUNDAYS completes a first step towards its Feature Film goal with the release of this ambitious proof-of-concept short. Much-anticipated and widely-supported by...

MEMORY 2.0 (Short film)

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A short film starring JENA MALONE & WILSON BETHEL.

A Love Story Shot From A Bedroom Ceiling

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Look down on the moments that make a love story.

Vanity (Short Film Written By Samantha Jayne)

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A girl’s preparation for a first date gets a bit… weird. A short film written by Samantha Jayne.

Testing A Camera (Short Film)

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“Why does he keep talking about this camera to me like I care? “It shoots 4K and has 14 stops of dynamic range.” What a jerk.” Jon Cole made this to test the Sony FS7. And make a self-deprecating apology in behalf of ...

Meeting On Minecraft

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Modern Connections — On a typical Friday night, do you ever just fire up Minecraft and punch some trees?

Wanderers – A Short Film By Erik Wernquist

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Wanderers is a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. The locations depicted in the film are digit...

DOG FOOD (Short Film)

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When a butcher loses his dog, his life starts to unravel. written and directed by Brian Crano

GOOSES (Short Film)

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Lucinella reconnects with her spirit animal (her sister Lore) during a fabulously dreamy Los Angeles vacation. The dream becomes a subtle portrait of sisterly differences when Lucinella finds out Lore spends her da...

The Vegan Muffin (Short Film)

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Directed by Edward Housden "The Vegan Muffin" By Tao Lin Commissioned By Nowness

Anywhere But Outside (Short Film)

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What happen if your wifi broke?

The Tiny Consequential Details That Attract Us

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“When you are obsessed with someone, it’s not just with that someone it’s with the shape of the hips, the color of the nipples, or the shade of her hair when she comes out of the shower… We were thinking of a metaphor...

One Selfie A Day For More Than 6 Years

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A U.K based student, Rebecca Brown, is documenting her depression with one selfie a day for more than 6 years.

Dreamwalking Barcelona

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Wandering through a dreamland Spain. Filmed during the Feast of St. Joan, an annual celebration in which the locals (and tourists) light fireworks and party on the beach until dawn.

Time Travel Lover (Short Film)

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He was his own worst enemies.

A New Man (Short Film)

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After his wife leaves him, Charles begins to assume the identities of strangers at a local coffee shop to avoid being alone.