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Five Stages of Watching A Marvel Movie

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In this episode, Leigh Lahav, Illustrates the Five Stages of Watching a Marvel Movie.

Dinner With Holly (NSFW)

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A young couple plans to spice up their love life when their friend, Holly, comes over for dinner.

Paris VS NewYork

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In 2012 Penguin Books published Vahram Muratyan’s book called "Paris versus NewYork”. Being huge fans of Vahram’s work, Nord Collective always wanted to create animated version of the book. To make this tribute real...

Nuclear Energy Explained

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Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? Nuclear Energy is a controversial subject. The pro- and anti-nuclear lobbies fight furiously, and it's difficult to decide who is right. So we're trying to clear up the i...

War In Ukraine Explained

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The conflict in Ukraine is more than just Russian aggression. It's deep historical roots are causing a modern-day struggle over what kind of country Ukraine should be. Vox's Amanda Taub explains.

SUNDAYS (Short film)

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Mischa Rozema and PostPanic Pictures' debut film project SUNDAYS completes a first step towards its Feature Film goal with the release of this ambitious proof-of-concept short. Much-anticipated and widely-supported by...

MEMORY 2.0 (Short film)

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A short film starring JENA MALONE & WILSON BETHEL.

Japan’s Disposal Workers: Net Cafe Refugees

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Internet cafes have existed in Japan for over a decade, but in the mid 2000’s, customers began using these spaces as living quarters. Internet cafe refugees are mostly temporary employees; their salary too low to rent...

A Love Story Shot From A Bedroom Ceiling

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Look down on the moments that make a love story.

Vanity (Short Film Written By Samantha Jayne)

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A girl’s preparation for a first date gets a bit… weird. A short film written by Samantha Jayne.

DIY Guns: California Soul

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According to state and federal law, something is either a firearm or it isn’t. In California, all a hobbyist has to do is drill a few holes into an aluminum lower, add a few parts, and they have an AR15. We will join ...

FEELINGS (Short film)

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For three weeks, I wrote down any thought, image or memory that gave me a tingly feeling. I animated the list, and what it accidentally became was a stream-of-consciousness trek through my life. -Nate Milton

NYC, 1981

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A short documentary that details one of the most violent years in New York City's history.

Life Inside A Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

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In October of last year Motherboard gained access to a massive, secretive Bitcoin mine housed within a repurposed factory in the Liaoning Province in rural northeast China.

Testing A Camera (Short Film)

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“Why does he keep talking about this camera to me like I care? “It shoots 4K and has 14 stops of dynamic range.” What a jerk.” Jon Cole made this to test the Sony FS7. And make a self-deprecating apology in behalf of ...

Virtual Apartment Tour Simulation (Unreal Engine 4)

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The Unreal 4 engine is incredibly powerful, as demonstrated by Benoît Dereau.