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Set Fire – Dubstep (Turf-Dancing)

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“Youtube sensation Marquese Scott is back with another incredible dubstep dance video! Epic stuff…”

Omar LinX ft. Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

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It's in the stars everything from the bitter start We play our part with a silly grin like life is ours And we were kids Runnin wild, so free to live I see the changes like turnin pages How real is this? But time...

‘Harlem Shake’ Shakes It Across YouTube

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You’ve likely landed at this article looking for one of two things. Number 1: an explanation of what this “Harlem Shake” thing is. Number 2: To see more Harlem Shakes! We’ve got you covered with both. htt...

The Naked Song..

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The Naked Song - "I Only Like You When You're Naked" A song about a very, special kind of girl.

Music Video: Haim “Falling”

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Haim have released their latest song "Falling" along with a video directed by Tabitha Denholm. Creating a story of innocent-looking sisters transforming into playful, 70's style girls. This vintage style video involve...


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A leisurely stroll down Yaffo Street in Jerusalem, in reverse.

Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines 18+

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Robin Thicke pre-empted all the internet buzz with #THICKE written over the action in the controversial music video for 'Blurred Lines'. Also featuring T.I and Pharrell Williams, the 2013 chart-topper has sold 1.54 ...

A Song Made Out Of Water

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Andrew Huang is quickly making a name for himself online as a unique musical creator. He doesn’t just cover pop songs. He invents music in new forms.

Come Closer and See

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A blonde and Brunette wearing very little dancing in the forest.

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana (cover)

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Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana (cover) Jess Greenberg

Lil Dicky – Ex-Boyfriend

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Forget Macklemore, this dude is the future of white boy hip hop.

Christina Bianco Singing As 19 Different Singers

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Christina Bianco sings 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' as Adele and 18 other divas.

PRETTY LIGHTS around the block

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by Strawberry Frog, a creative agency based in NY, and LG to make a music video for Pretty Lights.

The Life Of A Bike Seat

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Mike Mago - The Show (Official Video) (Ministry of Sound TV)

Autoerotique – Asphyxiation

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The new music video for Autoerotique's latest single "Asphyxiation" out now on Dim Mak Records.

La La La Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith (Cover)

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La La La Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith (Acoustic Cover)