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Girls Defend A Nerd From A Mean Guy

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Girls Defend A Nerd w/ KC James & Jordan Burt

Acting Gay (Gone Right)

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Many requests later here it is. Acting Gay 2, this one was fun to shoot over at QHHS! Shout out to all the fans we met over there!

Boys React To Girls Playing Dungeons And Dragons (DnDnG)

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A short documentary that explores what happens when girls join a group of boys' weekly DnD game.

Shira Lazar – Your Mom’s Old WORKOUT VIDEOS!

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Cassey Ho (Blogilates) and Shira Lazar (What's Trending) tracked down the weirdest & funniest workout videos from the 80's! And they even try out some of their moves!

Just Divorced

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My girlfriend dumped me last week, so this was my catharsis. Just Divorced / The car is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

Cell Phone Crashing At The Beach!

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Don't you hate when people talk loudly on their phones in public? Why not have some fun with it and "crash" their calls!

Picking Up Girls With A Boat

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Picking Up Girls With A Boat! Forget about a Lamborghini or Ferrari, this is the real lady killer! Get your dream girl! ;)

Back To The Future Magic

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Time travel is the new thing..

Hysterical Literature – Women Who Read Until Orgasm

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Cubitt’s newest project is Hysterical Literature, a series of videos featuring a female subject reading aloud while being simultaneously masturbated with a Hitachi Magic Wand, the so-called “Cadillac of Vibrators.” Th...

The Secret To A Happy Family

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What makes a happy family? How do you know if you're doing a good job as a parent?

Asking 200 Girls For Sex

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This was filmed over the course of my 2 week trip in Europe, I wanna say I filmed 7 different days for this one. I definitely noticed a difference in how the girls responded in Europe versus in the USA (California). T...

Boobs Flashing Kissing Prank

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Boobs Mind Reading for Flashes Prank

President Barack Obama Surprise Walk Prank

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President Barack Obama's look- alike "Bronx Obama" walk across Times Square and stops traffic, fooling thousands of people in the biggest prank to ever hit New York City.

Hitting On Female Cops

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How to pick up girls without being a douche!

Rave In Public Is An Easy Way To Annoy Absolutely Everyone

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Maybe this was supposed to be "funny" but no one is laughing.

Ref Keeping New York City Under Control

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There are rules here, people. Obey them or face the consequences.