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Late For A Tinder Date

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"Best way to meet chicks? Tinder. Unfortunately these girls don't ever remember talking to me."

Magic Penis Trick

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Many say that all men think only with their...But this magic trick shows the opposite!

Adults Play Five Nights At Freddy’s For The First Time

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Watch adults scream and squirm when they play this video game. What happens at 1:16 will surprise you!

Depression Social Experiment

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This Is My Sign Of Depression (Depression Social Experiment At UCLA) Inspired by past personal experience, Robin Williams and Superwoman (Lily Sing) & Ryan Higa's Draw My Life Videos linked below *First and forem...

Weird Fetishes With Girls

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We think up the oddest fetishes and see if girls in Las Vegas are down with them.

Black Guy Drops Gun In Public

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Epic Movie Trailer Voice Food Court Prank

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Become a Breaker for new episodes of Prank Bank!

When Porn Stars Invite You To Touch Them

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In this socio-experiment, porn stars tell real, average people to touch them. What happens is surprising, and even a little tender.

Joining Strangers For Dinner Prank

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Read The Funniest Youtube Comments To Random People

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"I read the funniest youtube comments I could find to people. They loved it."

MIB Alien Prank In Real LIfe

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We ran around the streets of Providence pretending to transport an alien. When people saw the alien we pretended to erase their memories with a flashy pen thing.

Fat Girl Tinder Date Social Experiment

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Tinder is one of the most popular apps on the market, so we wanted to find out what happens when a girl dresses up in a fat suit and goes on a Tinder date.


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Kids react when they are presented caviar to discuss, and ultimately eat! Will they like it? Stay tuned for more Kids vs. Food, once a month on Thursdays here on the REACT channel.

The Way Women Look In The Mirror

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We are The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn't like the answer, so we decided to help change it.

Pretending To Arrest A Prostitute

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Trolling ain't easy.

Getting Girls Numbers Without Speaking!

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Getting Girls Numbers Without Speaking!