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“Replicas” Movie Trailer

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In this sci-fi thriller, neuro-scientist William Foster (Keanu Reeves) is on the verge of successfully transferring human consciousness into a computer when his family is tragically killed in a car crash. Desperate to...

10 Minutes Of Harassment As A Giant Titan Robot

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We've all seen the viral videos of people walking down the street and being harassed. Extreme Costumes took out their giant Titan Robot to see what kind of obscenities he would receive. The results may tickle your fun...

11 Drunk Guys Play OUTLAST and Poop Their Pants

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Episode 2:

2 Girls Smash A Watermelon On a Guy’s Head

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20 Strangers Kiss For The First Time

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Strange. Oddly beautiful - twenty random strangers kiss for the first time.

40 People Slap Each Other In The Face

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In the spirit of the video of strangers kissing for the first time, a filmmaker got 40 of his acquaintances together and had them to slap each other in the face.

A 60-Year-Old Grandpa Playing ‘Modern Warfare’

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I don't give a sh*t if you're 12!

A 7-Foot-Tall Uruk Hai Buying Groceries

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An Uruk Hai's gotta eat too.

Acting Gay (Gone Right)

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Many requests later here it is. Acting Gay 2, this one was fun to shoot over at QHHS! Shout out to all the fans we met over there!

Adults Get Drunk For The First Time

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“This is the mistake train.”

Adults Play Five Nights At Freddy’s For The First Time

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Watch adults scream and squirm when they play this video game. What happens at 1:16 will surprise you!

Americans Try The Smelliest Food In The World

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Americans Try Surströmming (The Smelliest Food In The World

Andy and Amy’s Haunted House

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For her own entertainment, torturous TV host Ellen once again terrorizes her easily-scared writer Amy with another trip to a haunted house.

Asking 100 Girls For A One Night Stand!

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Asking 100 Girls for Sex social experiment!

Asking 100 Guys For Sex

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Sex Social Experiment.

Asking 200 Girls For Sex

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This was filmed over the course of my 2 week trip in Europe, I wanna say I filmed 7 different days for this one. I definitely noticed a difference in how the girls responded in Europe versus in the USA (California). T...