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BMW i8: Supercar 2.0

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BMW's has created the first mass produced plugin hybrid sportscar, the i8. XCAR take to the road to see if our preconceptions of hybrid cars can be changed forever.

Motorcycles In The future Will Not Tip Over

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Lit Motors take all the danger out of a two-wheeler. We see this as the next platform for transportation in the 21st century.

Strolling In Lamborghini Aventador

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Former neighbor's daughter gets a surprise Lamborghini Aventador ride from her high school followed by a visit to Times Square. The reactions were priceless.

How To Hack A Car

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Information security researcher Mathew Solnik, with a little over a grand and about a month of work, found time outside of his full-time job to reverse-engineer a car's computer system to make it ready for a takeover.

Google’s First Driverless Car Prototype

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Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can't drive.

Ken Block Is Back, And Out-Driving Lasers

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A team of world-class drivers, take on a challenge like no other, in complete darkness, in a race against the lights.

BAC Mono – A Road Legal F3 Monster

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XCAR went back to BAC to take the Mono out for a spin and we invite you to take a seat in the cockpit with us to experience what it's like to drive this road legal monster.

Pushing It To The Limit: Performance Driving

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XCAR takes some lessons at Car Limits on how to get the absolute most out of their crew car.

Lamborghini Huracan Review

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The Lamborghini Huracan is a glorious fusion of modern technology and old-school Lamborghini theatrics.

The Dune Buggy That Can Fly

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SkyRunner is a dune buggy and a power parachute in one. After almost three years in development, it is on track to hit the market later this year.

2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S: Pure Anger

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The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S is a car that removes the smooth, silky Aston Martin veneer and shows it true self - an angry, shouty driving machine.

Google’s Self-Driving Car

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The Google self-driving car navigates some common scenarios on city streets near the Googleplex.

Ken Block Vs Neymar Jr.

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2014 FIFA World Cup star Neymar Jr. & his freestyle team take on Gymkhana king Ken Block in his rally car.

Excavators Play A Massive Game Of Jenga

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It's not just a game for children and people at trendy bars anymore! Finally, someone built a version of Jenga that could almost certainly kill you.

Russia Arms Expo

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The Russia Arms Expo Is Damn Impressive!

Poland’s Stealthy PL-01 Tank

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Obrum, part of Poland Defence Holdings, has revealed its latest product, the Tank PL-01 CONCEPT at the MSPO 2013 defence exhibition. In cooperation with Polish companies and British conglomerate BAE Systems, the PL-01...