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How Google Translate App Works

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If you’ve ever pressed the little camera button in the Google Translate app and used its instant camera translations feature, you know how crazy, sci-fi it is. So naturally, we wanted to know...how does it actually wo...

3D Printed Zoetrope By Mat Collishaw

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Artwork was designed by Mat Collishaw. It is based on "Massacre of the innocent" painting by Rubens. This is the 6th zoetrope I had a pleasure to work on. This 3D printed job took about 6 months of work and invol...

Nuclear Energy Explained

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Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? Nuclear Energy is a controversial subject. The pro- and anti-nuclear lobbies fight furiously, and it's difficult to decide who is right. So we're trying to clear up the i...

Faking It At Work

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A brother and sister temp at a failing startup.

Jerome Jarre Turns Down A Million Dollars Deal

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Internet celebrity and entrepreneur Jerome Jarre was offered a deal billions of people would think is a no-brainer: a million dollars to live and work in New York. But for Jarre, the answer's not so simple.

How To Charge Your Phone With 9v Battery!

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Note. this will in fact work as you can see. but when you think emergency think REALLY REALLY SHORT emergency. maybe as little as a few minutes of charge. a typical alkaline 9v battery is around 500mah (optimist...

How To Drift

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Chris Harris explains how to drift with the new BMW M235i, but we're pretty sure these techniques will work on most cars except your mom's Honda Odyssey.

The Rise Of The SWAT Team In America

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SWAT teams were created in the 1960s to combat hostage-takings, sniper shootings, and violent unrest. But today they’re often used in more controversial police work.

This Guy Impersonates Cars

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You might not know Daniel Jovanov, but you recognize his work if you saw "Cars." Guess what he did the sound effects for.

What Gives A Dollar Bill Its Value?

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The value of money is determined by how much (or how little) of it is in circulation. But who makes that decision, and how does their choice affect the economy at large? Doug Levinson takes a trip into the United Stat...

How To Hack A Car

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Information security researcher Mathew Solnik, with a little over a grand and about a month of work, found time outside of his full-time job to reverse-engineer a car's computer system to make it ready for a takeover.

The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate

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Adam, Blake and Ders come up with an unconventional and intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle. (feat. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron)

Why Do We Play Games?

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Danny explores the times we play games to escape our work and life stress, and wonders how often do we do it? Also he shaves himself.

Chocolate Factory

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Built from an old Renault Garage in the center of Paris, near Place de la Bastille, Alain Ducasse's new chocolate factory was created with the willingness to get back to the roots of chocolate making : a careful, slow...

The Most Ridiculous Road Accident

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I need a slow motion replay to work out who's at fault.

Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With The Help Of His Pup Spud

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There’s nothing like an adorable proposal video to lift your mood and start the work week right.

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