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Sandrine – White

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Model : Sandrine U.

A First Lingerie Line for Transgender Women

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According to its founders, Chrysalis Lingerie is the first lingerie line designed for and by transgender women. "Speaking from personal experience, I found no products that specifically cater to transgender women,"...


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Model Serafima Kobzeva with women direct NYC.

#FreeTheNipple? (NSFW)

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Mic's Liz Plank and #FreeTheNipple activist Lina Esco get to the bottom of women's right to go topless.

Gridiron Girls – Legends Football League

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The Legends Football League was formerly known as the Lingerie League and it was created... well you know why it was created. But then something interesting happened, these women started to play for real. And while th...

Women React To 6 Different Looks On One Guy

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Which do you like? Hipster? Businessman? Surfer?

Decoding the Art of Flirtation

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A lingering look. A coy smile. Standing just a bit too close. An accidental brush. Flirtation is an art. It is also a deftly employed social tool. It marks an exploratory, transformative stage in a first meeting or...

Ass Prank

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Men use donkey to prank women into thinking they’re being catcalled.

The Way Women Look In The Mirror

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We are The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn't like the answer, so we decided to help change it.

Doppelbangher Subreddit Lets Users Submit Porn Star Lookalikes for Women They Know

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It’s no secret that Reddit, the link-sharing site that members tout as a bastion of free speech and creativity, also serves as a seedy showcase of the sexism, racism and misogyny that’s always existed on the web. ...

What Its Like To Walk In NYC As A Woman

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Hidden GoPro camera reveals what it's like to walk through NYC as a woman.

What Facebook is Like for Women

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When women get on Facebook they have to deal with a lot.

iPhone App Asks You To Abuse Your Boyfriend

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"Crack that whip and teach your guy a thing or two about being the Perfect Boyfriend! When scolding doesn't work, just zap him, whack him and train him to be your ideal man!" reads the description for the "Boyfrie...

All Women Are Badass

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More than just sugar and spice.

Vibe For Women

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Let Analeigh Tipton introduce you to Vibe: Vibrating Tampons for women.

Ideal Body Types Throughout History

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A diverse cast of models shows how the standard of beauty for women has changed dramatically over time.

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