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How You Really Sound While Flirting With Your Office Crush

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The office crush. We've all gone there. But how many of us have returned unscathed? Sometimes what you might think is innocent flirting actually sounds like something a sociopath might say. Here's how to know the diff...

Is She Flirting? Or Just Being Nice?

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Have you ever thought someone was flirting with you but you weren’t sure?

How to Text a Girl

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Theres a rumor going around that guys generally are terrible texters. Here are a few tips to help change that perception down the line (hopefully).

Picking Up Girls In A Fat Suit

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Jason jumps into a fat suit to prove that looks do NOT matter when it comes to approaching, flirting with, and picking up beautiful girls in everyday situations.

Picking Up Girls Speaking French

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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? They say that French is the language of love. Well, Marc (a fluent french speaker) put that to the test. Watch Marc score phone numbers and dates, all the while confusing the heck...

Decoding the Art of Flirtation

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A lingering look. A coy smile. Standing just a bit too close. An accidental brush. Flirtation is an art. It is also a deftly employed social tool. It marks an exploratory, transformative stage in a first meeting or...