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Rémi Gaillard Dog Prank

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Remi Gaillard makes fun of people dressed as a huge dog.

DOG FOOD (Short Film)

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When a butcher loses his dog, his life starts to unravel. written and directed by Brian Crano

What Is a Sandwich?

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We have a basic idea of what a sandwich is: two slices of bread with some tasty stuff in between them, just as the Earl of Sandwich so ingeniously envisioned back in the 18th century. But get past those basics for for...

Hot Girl Emergency Call Prank

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Please someone help! This beautiful woman just locked her keys in her car with her cell phone and dog still inside. Can she please borrow a phone?

Cat Rescues Child From Dog Attack

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A young kid riding his bike in Bakersfield, California was attacked by a neighbor's dog in the driveway. Amazingly, the boy's cat came to the rescue.

Army Dog Receives Retirement Party

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Eddie, a military dog, received a retirement party fit for a general.

How Attached Cats Are To Their Owners?

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Prof Daniel Mills at University of Lincoln carried out a psychological test to prove that cats are different to humans and dogs. Cats do not have the same emotional attachments to their owner as much as humans and dog...

Dog Helps Family Bring In Firewood

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Puppy Plays With Boobs :)

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Puppy playing with boobies is the perfect combo.