#GamerGate is a consumer boycott and a call for ethics reform in game industry media. Evidence comes up that a writer at Kotaku gave a game favorable coverage because of a relationship he had. Kotaku says that this isn’t true. More evidence comes up proving otherwise and people demand he gets fired. Adam Baldwin shows support by creating the twitter hashtag #GamerGate. In response Kotaku and many other sites publish 14 different articles all saying the same thing: “Gamers are Dead”, all on the same day.

Readers declare a boycott on these sites and begin contacting their advertisers. To fight the stereotype the hashtag #NotYourShield is made, because minorities like myself hate having game journalists pretend to speak for us. Especially since some of them are racist. Reddit’s /r/gaming starts censoring all forms of #GamerGate discussion. Even 4chan censors GamerGate. This leads to a mass migration to a much better website.

Feminist scholar Christina Sommers releases a video debunking the idea that video games make people sexist. Game sites attack her and call her conservative. She’s a Democrat. Milo Yiannopoulus leaks emails from a private Google group called Game Journos Pro, proving that game journalists collude to shape narratives. Corruption is also exposed in award shows like IGF. Not wanting to associate with such hacks, one by one advertisers start to pull out, with the latest one being: Intel!

Oh and one last thing, if you hear anyone say #GamerGate is about harassment or misogyny, laugh in their stupid face and remind them that we donated more than $70,000 to help women make video games and no game site would talk about it.

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