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NYC Book Club Goes Topless (NSFW)

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It's spring in New York City, and that means the city's most topless literary club is back in action. Members of the The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society bared their breasts in Central Park on F...

Julia Louis Dreyfus Has a Thing for Clowns

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What do you get when you take Elaine Benes and make her ruthless, even more self-absorbed, and frequently enraged? You get veep Selina Meyer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus's most unforgettable character yet. Juli...

Even Casual Marijuana Use Causes Brain Abnormalities

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Written by Jason Koebler April 15, 2014 // 06:15 PM EST Even casually smoking marijuana can cause abnormalities in the developing brain, according to the results of a new study funded by the National Institute...

How Long You Should Be Napping

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Napping is undoubtedly one of life’s simplest pleasures. Sprawling out on a couch on a Saturday afternoon for some shut-eye might not seem like the best way to spend your time, though sleep experts are now arguing...

Hiring? Personality Trumps Skills

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A new survey finds that when it comes to hiring knowledgeable workers, personality beats technical wizardry any day. When you’re hiring a sales associate or a customer service rep, sure, you want to focus on candid...

Selena Gomez Hot Pics

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‘Game of Thrones’ star Natalie Dormer

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Look At Dem Shorts!

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Thanks to Caveman Circus for the media! The post Look At Dem Shorts! appeared first on Caveman Circus.

Tumblr Hottie Of The Day #1 18+

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Trending pictures of hot ladies on tumblr.

Kazuki Yamamoto’s Incredible 3D Coffee Latte Art

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Latte art – the method of using steamed milk foam to “draw” and create designs over coffee arguably first developed in Italy in the early 1990s, if not earlier.

Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster

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We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what better way to enjoy it than as a sandwich.

This Is The Best Use Ever Of A 3-D Printer

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Joaquin Baldwin makes incredible 3D printed models of the famous, “superdeformed” characters from Square’s beloved RPG Final Fantasy 7.

24 Middle-Class Problems

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Van Styles: Day of Photos with Ashley Chung (8 Pictures)

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“Van Styles: Day of Photos with Ashley Chung – The latest photo sets from the California photographer both feature Chung, with the first installment containing revealing moments with the model in a bright Hollywoo...

Things Come Apart (9 Pictures)

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In Things Come Apart, McLellan exposes the inner working of 50 objects and 21,959 individual components as he reflects on the permanence of vintage machines built several decades ago sturdy gadgets meant to be bro...

Xronos Talking LED Alarm Clock: It’s Arcade Time!

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This custom-built alarm clock has a unique style that would look perfect in a home game room or a geeky bedroom. It’s got a large LED dot-matrix display that can display time in green, red or orange, as well as in...

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