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Fashion Photography by Solmaz Saberi

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“Solmaz Saberi is a Photographer, Hairstylist and Make-up Artist. She has been capturing images for 6 years now as well as actively styling and involved in Hair and Make-up for 10 years.”

Toy Boats – A Sydney Tilt-shift Time Lapse

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"Toy Boats" is a short tilt-shift time-lapse video I shot over 3 days while staying in Sydney. The tilt-shift effect was created in Photoshop, compiled in LRTimelapse & After Effects and edited in Premiere Pro CS6...

3 Strong Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You

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Most people think video games as a bad habit and wastage of valuable time, but in fact, it can turn your valuable time into unique abilities. However, there are some negatives of video games, but if you ignore them ...

Fashionable Hoodie Blocks Drone Surveillance

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As military and domestic surveillance technology continues to advance, many fear a “Big Brother” society that is emerging around us. It’s no longer just terrorists that are being targeted by drones and cellular trac...

Unmanned Drone Stalks French Police

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The folks at Team BlackSheep put together a “Christmas Special” video with their quadcopter and GoPro camera. While there are few details about the group, the equipment used, or whether or not the French police are in...

Set Fire – Dubstep (Turf-Dancing)

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“Youtube sensation Marquese Scott is back with another incredible dubstep dance video! Epic stuff…”

Multi Exposure Lifestyle Photography by Simone Primo (6 Pictures)

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“Photography is my focus… I especially love analogic cameras and multiple exposures.” Simone Primo

Shrinking Global Cities

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Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas skillfully incorporates the tilt-shift technique to turn landscape and lifestyle photos into scenic shots of toy cities for his Cityshrinker project. The Australian world trav...

Artist Camouflages Public Eyesores on City Streets

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Dutch designer Roeland Otten likes to brighten up urban streets by camouflaging misplaced public structures with site-specific art. He uses mosaics, geometric paint designs, and high resolution photograph wall cov...

Rihanna by Terry Richardson for Rolling Stones Magazine (5 Pictures)

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“Here are a ton of outtake photos from Rihanna’s cover story with Rolling Stone of her smoking a blunt in lingerie and more, courtesy of Terry Richardson. Thank you, BasedGod.”

Shipping Crate Transforms into a Push Button Home

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At the push of a button, an enormous shipping crate transforms into a modern living space. The massive container-turned-home aptly known as Push Button House by architect Adam Kalkin opens up to reveal a fully ado...

The World’s First Moveable City

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Call it this generation’s “Walking City.” Halley VI, the latest iteration of Britain’s Halley Antarctic research stations, is now fully operational and it walks, sort of. Halley VI opened today on the centennial c...

Anamorphic Sculptures Revealed In Cylindrical Reflections By Jonty Hurwitz

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"For the anamorphic pieces its an algorithmic thing, distorting the original sculptures in 3D space using 2PIr or PIr3 (cubed). Much of it is mathematical, relying on processing power. There is also a lot of hand ma...

Faces Of New York Fashion Week

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Skirt-Length Decency Levels on a Woman’s Leg

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Cyberpunk 2077 (Short Film)

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The teaser of the game "Cyberpunk 2077", developed by CD Projekt RED based role playing paper "Cyberpunk 2013" and "Cyberpunk 2020", published in 1980/1990. A nice slow motion video made ​​by Tomek Baginski

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