PC Graphics Explained!

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Cam dives head first into the confusing waters of PC graphics settings on Reality Check. What exactly do they mean, and how do they result in sexy graphics?


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Model Serafima Kobzeva with women direct NYC.

SMUT Does Basketball 18+

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Featuring the awesome pairing of power that is Scarlet Duggan and Sasha.

Pizza Guy Porn Prank!

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Steve Greene makes a pizza guy think he's going to bang pornstar London Keyes!

Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time

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Walk a mile in her face.

Rise of the Private Military

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Vice takes an unprecedented look into the shadowy industry of Private Military Companies. For the past two decades these private companies, like Black Water, Aegis and G4S have silently consumed military operations ar...

Yoga Prank

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Magician Seth Grabel pranks yoga classes with impossible moves the advanced students can come close to doing… but they try anyways!

Real-Life Assassin’s Creed

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Real-life parkour collides with the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity in this co-op mission on the streets of Paris.

7 Facts That’ll Make You Quit Facebook

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Yes, Facebook Addiction is a real thing.

5 Hacks That’ll Improve Your Life

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Why didn’t I think of that??

Siberian Twerk Battle

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Dancers from Fraules Dance Centre showing off their dancehall skills to a Major Lazer track went viral, accumulating over 25 million views. Now the Fraules group is back with this video of a twerk battle that’s pretty...

Hug A Terrorist

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Watch these young girls as they hold a "Hug a terrorist" sign to raise awareness about what's happening in Palestine.

Shotgun Silencer

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This is what a silencer on a shotgun sounds like.

Fake Magician Prank

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The real magic trick is that this guy doesn't get punched in the face even once.

This Illusionist Will Eventually Guess Your Card

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Illusionist Eric Leclerc needs only a deck of playing cards to make you believe in mind reading.

Lego Simpsons House Build

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This is a build review of Lego Simpsons House 71006 set. The set includes 2523 pieces and retails for $199.99. This is an unusual set in that it doesn't fit in line with the other sets by Lego. It is a licensed stand-...

Liz Katz Plushie Collection

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Her Plushie Army is growing!!!

Hot Girl Emergency Call Prank

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Please someone help! This beautiful woman just locked her keys in her car with her cell phone and dog still inside. Can she please borrow a phone?