When You Have No Game

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What that booty do?

Guys Swap Clothes For A Week

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“There’s definitely gonna be an upgrade and a…downgrade.”

“Single Life” with Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon

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Rebel Wilson and Jimmy's doppelgänger, Fallonia, sing about all the perks of being single.

Hi, I’m a Slut – A Slam Poem

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hi, i’m a slut. what? you can’t be surprised

Women React To 6 Different Looks On One Guy

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Which do you like? Hipster? Businessman? Surfer?

A Brief History Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict

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The first misconception to get out of the way: it hasn't been happening forever, but it has been going on for about 100 years.

“Hey, I’m Single” Prank

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Awkwardly talking to random girls that he's single.

Jannie Phan – Top Notch

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Breakup Prank!

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How? Why.. Why did you decide to do this Kate?

Mike Stud – Anyone Else

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“Anyone Else” from his new “These Days” album.

The One Thing Guys Don’t Talk About

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I’m embarrassed about last night!

24K Gold Cristal Doughnut

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This Brooklyn restaurant's hand-gilded doughnut has taken the Internet by storm. At $100 per donut and $1000 per dozen, its creator dishes on the pricey pastry's origin story.

Miniature Wonderland in Google Maps

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Discover the magic of the world’s largest model railway exhibit through the first ever mini-Street View.

Drone Footage From Chernobyl

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Spectacular new footage shot from a drone flying over the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant released by the EBRD today shows the latest advances in securing the site of the 1986 accident.

9 Cool Dance Moves For Girls!

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Check out these 9 easy, yet cool dance moves any girl can learn in seconds!

The Lingerie Fighting Championships

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Girls wrestling in their underwear? Yes it really does exist.

What Makes A Truly Great Logo

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How a simple mark ends up meaning something big. Joe Posner, and Michael Bierut (designer of the Hillary Clinton logo) explain.

Funerals Are A Complete Rip Off

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Adam explains why embalming isn't a "spa day" for the dead and why caskets are a pointless waste of money.